The Canadian Collaborative for Engagement & Conflict Management (CECM or CECM Canada) collects the following information:

Contact Information:  When we are contacted through one of the forms on this site, we obtain information we consider necessary to meaningfully reply. We retain this information to review and maintain our service standards - however, we do not ever sell or share this contact information for any purposes beyond CECM and only communicate promotions, news, information about upcoming events and special offers to those who have joined our mailing list.

Payment Information:  We are powered by PayPal and do not directly receive any credit card details or other payment information. PayPal is globally recognized as a safe way to provide payment and we encourage you to view their privacy statement if you have any concerns.

Journal Submissions: While we do retain, for internal purposes, all journal submissions, we only publicly circulate that which has passed peer review and has been finalized and approved by journal contributors. Journal entries in their final format are freely circulated to the public, including on CanLII and subject to the terms of the Creative Common licence we have with CanLII.

Questions or Concerns: We encourage questions and concerns surrounding any of the information we gather, store and collect and welcome anyone with such to contact us.