Testimonials from Advanced & Multi-Party Mediation Workshop – December 2021...

I just wanted to pass on my huge thanks to you for a great couple of weeks. I felt as though the course was tailored and structured for me personally, and I am certain that most of the participants would share that sentiment! That is your mediation superpower! I really enjoyed the diversity of skill sets in the group and I learned from everyone. There were many, many a-ha moments. JW investigator/mediator/lawyer

The workshop was extremely engaging and provided invaluable opportunities to increase and foster my mediation skills. The training and peer connections will be pivotal as I move forward in the practice of mediation. Richard builds wonderful rapport, draws out people’s strengths, and creates safe learning environments. The circle mediation with Tina was an incredible learning opportunity!" AP patient experience specialist


I recently attended, via Zoom, the Med-Arb Foundational Course presented by Colm Brannigan and Richard Moore and it was a very worthwhile experience. The combination of mini-lectures, small group work, and practice sessions worked very well. I have no doubt that Med-Arb will continue to gain in popularity and this course provides the solid foundation a practitioner requires to competently provide this service. I recommend this course without hesitation.

- Rick Weiler, Mediator & Arbitrator

Take it from me - this is where to start if you are looking to increase your comfort with Online Dispute Resolution and video-based proceedings. Great course! Highly recommended

- Ben Roper, Mediator, ODR Practitioner, Board Member of ADR Atlantic Institute on ODR - A Practical Program For Practitioners

Richard (Moore) is the leading expert in mediation and mediation training. I took his course 20 years ago and it is still the best course I have ever taken

- Blaine Donais, LL.B., LL.M., C.Med, Q.Arb. on Foundational Conflict Management & Mediation

Thank you Colm and Marc for presenting this excellent introduction to ODR which since the pandemic is now our new online world for Mediation and Arbitration. Great practical tips and a fun group to work with from right across Canada. Keep on zooming

- David Jewitt, Mediator / Arbitrator, Labour Relations & Human Rights Online Mediator on ODR - A Practical Program For Practitioners

This was a wonderful course, and one of the best ADR education programs I have taken. I highly recommend it to anyone who works in dispute resolution, including mediators, arbitrators and legal professionals. The course instructors are knowledgeable and helpful, and the written materials are first-rate.  The chance to interact with fellow registrants online is also a plus.

-Mitchell Rose, Mediator, Arbitrator, and Lawyer on Foundational Med-Arb


Med-Arb is definitely increasing in popularity; there is an increasing expectation from counsel that we try to ‘mediate’ matters on the first scheduled day of arbitrations.  This course was exactly what I hoped for - Colm and Richard have crafted thoughtful materials, and over the several days facilitated highly relevant discussions on the issues.  There was a sharp focus on critical steps in setting up these hybrid processes. I came away from this training feeling confident and well equipped and would highly recommend it to anyone working in the field. Heartfelt thanks.

-Joy Noonan, LL.B., LL.M., C.Med on Foundational Med-Arb